Willow cuttings for planting – one bundle of 10

Willow cuttings for planting - one bundle of 10

Live cuttings from my basketry willow beds suitable for planting to start our own willow coppice. I sell the cuttings in bundles of 10 of each variety, no limit to the number of bundles you can buy, and if you order 9 bundles I give you a tenth for free.

Please specify which varieties you would like by email after ordering.

I have 5 varieties to choose from at present:

Dicky Meadows            very fine pale rods with pink blush, dries to light brown
Brittany Green              very fine red and green mottled rods, dries to a mid brown
Danish Daphnoides     purple rods, grows 3m per year, retain their colour when dried, excellent for pea climber uprights
Continental                   mid size rods mustardy coloured, dries to mid brown
Goldstones                   mid size rods, pale yellow, dries to light brown

PLEASE NOTE: this product is collection only