On being in the media…

This is actually a bit of a cheat. I am working on a more meaningful blog post, but haven’t got it out yet. So I am totally just going to put a link here to the Guardian article that’s just been published.


Being in the media is a really mixed bag. Some people dismiss you, you are too ‘other’. Some criticise. And some people want to know more, and maybe do what you are doing – we get a lot of questions…

Ultimately, if you think what we do at Lammas is a good thing, and you want to learn more, I strongly suggest coming on a tour, or going on a course. It’s not just because I want to earn a bit of cash (though of course that helps), it’s more to do with the fact that unless you get ‘hands on’ you will never really know what it’s like.

So come see us, or another eco-community near you. We are actually just normal people with a passion for living lightly. Really.



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