A new year, a new way of being.

I am looking out over the limitless expanse of time, and dividing it into manageable linear sections – this one is called 2019. I have under 360 days of it left. What will I do in this time? I could be consciously engaging with every leaf, every flower. Every human, every animal. Really striving to see what the Present brings me. In this section of time called 2019.

I could also just let it go, obliviate. Great word that – it’s what most of us do when we are unhappy. The human condition is generally unhappy. We look for something, anything, to blot out our pain. Whether that is physical, mental or existential. Whether the blotter is alcohol, drugs, or some sort of media distraction. Whether it is internal dialogue, or external projection of our emotional turmoil onto others.

The alternative above is so very much more difficult! Becoming aware of yourself, conscious of each word, each deed, each thought even.

I chose to be Present. I will do my very best in 2019 to live every moment fully, to love every being I meet. In a world where life is hugely unfair, where humans treat each other so poorly, and treat other living beings even worse, it strikes me that all each of us can do is live well and love better.

Be present. It is, truely, a gift.


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